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Nina Ram
Written by Nina Ram

Sharing simple life hacks to nourish the body and mind, that can help us move towards realizing the deeper truths of spirituality.

Lotus seeds puffed 2 minutes anytime food and not only during yogic fasting.
It has a sweet taste that brings Kapha and Pitta into balance, easy to digest, purifies the blood, reduces stress and pain among many other benefits that we don’t need to remember.
What we need are 2 minutes.
Take a bowl of puffed lotus seeds easily available at any Indian store for just $5, you can easily make 7 such servings.

Add a 1/2 or 1 tsp of ghee or any cooking oil
Microwave 30 sec, move puffed makhana around and microwave 30 sec two more times.
You can add some salt or seasoning. I add a little juice masala.
This is a snack I give to my kids most of the time instead of chips or any other namkeens.

During fasting also one can easily eat them without salt. It is a very satvik food to make the mind and body light.

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Nina Ram

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