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Nina Ram
Written by Nina Ram

Meditation is being ourselves.

Meditation does not involve religion. It does not involve philosophy. It does not need a change of lifestyle. It does not need special clothes. You don’t need to be Buddhist or Hindu or Christian. Just being human is enough.

We can have thoughts and yet still meditate. We can sit on the floor or a chair, or walk, or commute, or do anything, and still meditate.

We as human beings have a natural need to have inner calm and clarity, just as much as we need to sleep and eat food.

This deep desire to find that inner space of calm and clarity can be fulfilled simply and effortlessly. In human language, we call it meditation. Where is this inner space and how do we find it? Just by relaxing the body, then the breath, and then the mind, we can reach our own inner space.

Deep within us all, we have a part of us that is already calm and clear. It was always there and will always be there. We have just forgotten that it exists. We have forgotten because as part of our education we have been taught so many things about the outside world, but no one teaches us to connect with our own inner selves.

We can easily remember again. We just have to begin. It is never too early or too late in our lives to get to know ourselves again. In the beginning, we do need a little regular routine to sit and meditate.

Everyone can realize the deeper spiritual truths — one just has to begin and keep meditating to let the cosmic energies to reveal themselves to you.

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Nina Ram

Nina Ram

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Certified in Integrative Health-  Vipassana(Mindfulness), Herbal Medicines, Ayurveda I  MBA I Engineer I
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