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Pranayama and Meditation Workshop

Written by Nina Ram

Learn and practice different Pranayama and Meditation methods in the ancient Indian traditional ashtanga yoga system.

What is Pranayama? What are the five pranas or vayus in the subtle body? Benefits and effects of Pranayama on the physical and subtle body and mind. How is Pranayama connected with Kundalini? How Pranayama leads to concentration in Meditation? Provide instructions on how to practice Pranayama?

Students will be taught pranayama practices like different types of breaths- abdominal, chest and yogic breaths; Nadi Shodhana, Kapala Bhati, Ujjayi, etc., bandhas and kriyas.
They will learn the correct sequences of different pranayama practices and why? Effects of Pranayama, some signs of stimulation of prana in both gross and subtle body.

Students will practice along with the instructor all pranayama practices in the training program to learn correct and safe methods. They will be able to understand the deeper reason behind pranayama to calm the breath and mind, to prepare it for meditation.

MEDITATION ~ Provide an overview of what is Meditation? Why we Meditate? What are the different methods used to Meditate? Students sit for multiple guided meditation sessions.

Saturday, Dec 22, 2018, to Saturday, Dec 29, 2018
Time: 9 am to 1 pm Every day for eight days
Location: Dublin
Cost: $600
Ages: Adult and Teens over 15 yrs+

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