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Path to our true Spiritual Home

Written by Nina Ram

Many ancient seers and yogis, who discovered the absolute truth have given a great basic compass of how to walk in a direction where we can finally reach our true home.

But we have to first know roughly where we are, where the destination is, how to read the compass and keep checking it intermittently to know if we have wandered away or walking in a totally different direction.

Like the saint Kabir said, Nam and Kam do not happen together. What is Nam and Kam?  Nam means moving in. Soul has  pulled in all its energies in. Nam here means being absorbed in the Divine essence.

When a soul is interested in things outside people, places, things and experiences. There is a desire to experience the forms and objects. These desires are bound to make the energy move out and create many thoughts. This is Kam.

It is impossible to have both Nam and Kam together. It is like trying to walk in the North and South direction at the same time. It is impossible.

Spirituality is walking towards Nam, to the Divine essence to our true home.

The true path is to slowly drop the desires and thoughts in daily actions. It does not mean we do not perform any actions. We need to cultivate the ability to discriminate what is performing actions without desires. I will write about it in a different post, since it is a very complex  and most misunderstood idea in spirituality.

Where do desires and thoughts come from? They come from contact of our six senses with this world of forms and shapes. Over lifetimes, with numerous experiences one stores two strong energy patterns of like and dislike like a binary code. These sub-conscious patterns keep controlling and repeating a person’s actions. Even when the soul is miserable inside. 

All the like and dislike energy gives rise to the energies of desires for more of everything ~ food, people, clothes, conversations and new experiences. When they are fulfilled, the person is satisfied for a very short moment, and then the whole wheel of wanting, craving and seeking starts again, driving the mind into an endless loop of desires and thoughts again. And they bring with them the energies of anxiety, anger, greed, selfishness, dishonesty, lust, passion, inertia, arrogance and ignorance.

And this wheel keeps moving by the force of desires. And the soul keeps getting crushed under this wheel of desire, waiting silently to go home.

Can one stop this wheel? Yes.

The way to stop the wheel of these desires and thoughts slowly, is to bring attention to them. One can bring attention with the help of tools like praying, chanting, fasting, breathing exercises and meditation.

As attention develops, one can start to see their own energy patterns of anxiety, anger, greed, selfishness, dishonesty, lust, passion, inertia, arrogance and ignorance. One can slowly see that people, places and things do not give any lasting happiness. The soul is seeking something else. It is not outside. That is the eternal truth.

There is no going in and going out at the same time.

Teachers who preach that you can get to your true spiritual home and also run after material desires in this world just like you did before; are living in self-created delusions, having not realized the truth themselves. 

For our true home is inside. One who tastes the inner bliss can never find that taste in the material world. All material joys pale in front of the Divine Bliss. As one keeps tasting the Divine bliss, the desires and thoughts of the world keep dropping off on their own. Only Nam, the Divine essence remains.

About the author

Nina Ram

Sharing here simple joys of nature and nurture.
MBA I Engineer I Registered Yoga Teacher


  • Very nicely explained Nina, loved your post. So, as I understand it’s not possible to walk towards North and South at the same time. And the material world can never fully satisfy one. Hmm so true.
    Just restarting the journey in this life.

    • Hi Manish. Thanks….

      The truth is we must accept first that we are in this limited human body and mind. If we want to experience everything as this human body only, we must experience everything in this world. There is nothing wrong. That is the cosmic play of the Supreme Self.
      But when we start getting restless and unsatisfied with these experiences. We start remembering our true nature. That’s when we move within to move beyond to the eternal. Where there is no need or desires material or beyond. If we have desires they are to experience something. When we do not want to experience anything, we move beyond to Nothing and Everything. Only we deep down can observe our own desires, to either fulfill them or observe that they are really not our true desires and they dissolve away. When our attention stops running out after desires, then only it naturally becomes steady and still. With focussed attention we can move beyond to our real self. That’s why two movements of Nam and Kam cannot happen together.
      But this is not to be confused that people should leave their homes and go away. Renunciation happens in the heart, mind and thoughts. There is no need to go anywhere. Our heart, mind and thoughts are with us all the time anytime, anywhere. We must live in this world naturally, take care of our human existence ~ our body and people around us who depend on us. Key is “Abhyasa Vairagyabhyam Tan Nirodhah” Regular Practice and Dispassion leads to control of thoughts.

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