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Our Name has changed to Living Deeply foundation

Written by Nina Ram

Namaste Everyone,

An update :

We founded Mantra Chakra Foundation in 2015, to share ancient yoga practices which have at the core the three values of tapas, svadhaya and ishwar pranidhan.

In today’s times, we can translate them to the practices of:
Tapas the highest tapas being control of breath; pranayama, mantra japa, kirtan, fasting and so on all help to control the breath ;
Svadhaya or self-awareness of body, speech, and mind and study of spiritual texts like Bhagvadgita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Upanishads to discover objectively the level of your own consciousness;
Ishwar pranidhan: serving others helps with the surrender of our false perceptions at the feet of Lord (one in all and all in one);
Meditation: Silent Meditation is the key to slowly move beyond.

These three practices of yoga- tapas, svadhya and ishwar pranidhan or breathe, serve, meditate help us in living deeply.

This is the essence of what we practice, teach and help fund as yoga and meditation programs.

When we started out with this vision everything was new for us- all the legal requirements and paperwork. Gaurav was looking for a beautiful Sanskrit name that we could use, the most appropriate was Anahata, the unstruck sound in the heart, which exists; and one can hear it as they live deeply in the state of yoga with the universe.

However, our first few choices were taken, and we ended up registering Mantra Chakra Foundation. The idea was to turn the wheel of sharing the practices of Yoga.

After the registration and legal paperwork in 2015, we realized that our mission statement- Breathe, Serve, Meditate…Live Deeply; actually conveyed the essence of what we do better than the name Mantra Chakra Foundation.

Still finding our way with the legal paperwork, we decided not to change the name to avoid the hassle of filing additional paperwork, when we had just started.

Now, that we are almost three years into this project; we finally filed the change of name to Living Deeply Foundation.

We are in the process of updating the name change to Living Deeply Foundation, across our web presence and otherwise.

Thanks for all your support of the work done through Living Deeply foundation.

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