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Nothing to be taught and learned. Then why do I even need a spiritual path?

Written by Nina Ram

The true nature of our existence cannot be taught, it can only be experienced.

Hearing this ultimate truth, “The true nature of our existence cannot be taught, it can only be experienced,” a lot of seekers become confused.

Nothing to be taught and learned.Then why do I even need a spiritual path?

This question keeps coming up in various forms and words as the seeker keeps seeking with his intelligent thinking. Sadly, in this seeking with the mind, a lot of sincere seekers drop all efforts to realize the ultimate truth.

The rational mind starts thinking that since it cannot be taught, it is the natural state of being buddha nature, so I have to do nothing, I have to be just who I am.

But the fallacy here is that “the natural state of being buddha nature” is not how your consciousness is right now to have direct experience of that truth. If it were you would have had the experience.

One can continue to be who they are, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If the thoughts and energy are focused on planning and anticipating the next experience in this world, that is completely fine too. But one should honestly accept that I am not ready for serious spiritual seeking, I want to enjoy this world.

At least, the human self will be at more peace and will stop half-hearted seeking, and living under the illusion that I am on my spiritual journey.

The reason is very simple two opposite movements cannot happen at the same time. One cannot go North and South at the same time.

True spiritual seeking is when we are naturally and effortlessly not seeking experiences in this world. It does not mean we do not live in this world. It just means that our mind is so satisfied with the external material world, that our energy and thoughts are not running after experiences of this world.

This also does not mean that we are artificially suppressing our thoughts and desires. This is one of the most misunderstood idea on the spiritual path.

The true spiritual path is needed for just this one reason.

How can you not artificially suppress or mask your desires for the material world? How can you move to the state where the material desires fall off naturally on their own. How can you move to a place where the mind is so content, that it is naturally not thinking of experiences of this world?

The path is needed to drop everything that belongs to this world naturally while living in this world.
All the teaching and learning is to bring attention to all that is not our real eternal self to drop it. And then the path drops too!

To just be and do nothing effortlessly.

And then the true buddha nature shines through on its own. Nothing to be taught and learned.

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