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Magic of Mantra

Nina Ram
Written by Nina Ram

Mantra is sound energy. Mantra comes from two words, trayati (that which saves) the mind, Manas. Our mind and its thoughts are nothing but vibrating sound patterns. Different sound patterns or vibrations give rise to different forms in our world.

When we change our sound patterns we can change what happens in our mind, body and consciousness.

There are many ways we can create sound to change us – from mantra, music to just using verbal words. Even simply saying “I am happy” or “I am healthy” can change our thoughts. This is how modern day affirmation meditations or Neuro Linguistic Programming works to change the mind and how it responds to the material world. But these NLP methods deal with only a very surface level change for the material world. On a much deeper level, mantra chanting and kirtan music are much more powerful because they transform both the feelings in the heart and waves in all layers of conscious and unconscious mind.

All sound including thoughts are patterns of energy. Even when we repeat a thought of anger or worry, it is a negative energy mantra. Repeating our desires for wealth and success are also an energy mantra to create in the material world.

All layers of the mind are a collection of vibrating sound patterns. There is always some background sound or thought vibrating in us from memory. Memories are sound vibrations stored in our mind. Memory of pain, fear, pleasure or love come from physical sensations that are stored as sound patterns. These patterns keep dictating and repeating how we feel, we behave and see our physical world.

Healing mantra are sound vibrations at a frequency that can cancel out or change the sound patterns in our unconscious and conscious mind. Ancient Sanskrit chants have very subtle vibrations that deeply effect all layers of mind.

This changes our energy patterns and we can learn to control how we experience the feeling of anger, worry, pain and joy. (this does not mean we will become robots and not feel anything!) It means we do have the ability to truly change our experiences when we desire to change them. We stop storing sound patterns in ourselves which harm us. This is one of the ways to real healing of body and mind.

We first use sound as mantra to heal or gain beneficial energy sound patterns and remove harmful or unwanted energy patterns from our mind. Once we are full of beneficial energy, we can then work on moving beyond the mind.

The real meditation happens when we can silence all sound patterns of our own mind.

Yajnanam japa-yajno’smi (Gita 10.25): “I am myself this great sacrifice called japa sadhana,” says Lord Krishna.

Chant and feel the healing magic of mantra every day.

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Nina Ram

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