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Give yourself the gift of your real self

Nina Ram
Written by Nina Ram

We are constantly bombarded with images, words and noises.

With almost everyone hanging on to their phone as if it is part of the hand; the muscles of the hand are always contracted or tense.
In fact, most of the muscles remain tense with constant stimulation and never relax deeply. Not even during sleep.
Tense muscles use up energy to remain contracted. This becomes a pattern and keeps draining energy from the body all the time.

Doing Yoga asanas or holding physical postures retrains muscle patterns to help release the contracted muscles and reverse the leakage of prana or life force.

And when we meditate, we bring in more prana or life force within by relaxing our most complex muscle – the mind.

Learn to relax deeply, breathe deeply, meditate deeply to Live Deeply this Diwali !

Give yourself the gift of your real self.

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Nina Ram

Nina Ram

E-RYT Registered Yoga Teacher I
Certified in Integrative Health-  Vipassana(Mindfulness), Herbal Medicines, Ayurveda I  MBA I Engineer I
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