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Energies of Desires and Distractions ~

Written by Nina Ram

Energies of Desires and Distractions ~

Desires and Distraction happen by the force of the mix of three cosmic energies of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva.

We ourselves along with the cosmic consciousness keep changing the mix of three energies at all levels of our existence. Bringing attention to each action, word, emotion and thought makes us aware of the different combination of energies in ourselves.

But how do we learn to bring attention? Chanting, praying, fasting, asana, pranayama and meditation are different ways in which we learn to pay attention.

Slowly as we pay attention, we can see what energies keep arising within us at any given moment.

If one honestly observes whatever arises in the moment, one can honestly learn what energy patterns keep arising repeatedly.

Does one observe laziness, anxiety, negativity, dullness, apathy, lethargy, jealousy, and ignorance? These are manifestations of energy of Tamas, meaning darkness or inertia.

Key thing to remember in paying attention honestly is to not label anything as bad or good energy. It is a just a form of energy pattern.

If one observes constant desires for new places, people, things, sensations, travel; desire for company, to talk, distractions; to look for negativities in others, jealousy; desire to create new things; these are manifestations of Rajas energy, meaning movement or activity.

When one observes peace, steady mind, compassion, kindness and equanimity, purity of thought and heart. These are manifestations of the Sattva energy, meaning purity.

As one honestly pays attention to the repeated patterns of energy that keep coming up in their everyday experience, one can change the mix of patterns if they want to.

To experience the purest energy of the Divine or SuperConscious Self; one has to change their own unique mix of three energies to the purest form of energy.
One has to transform the energies of Tamas and Rajas to Sattva.
There are no hacks or short-cuts. It is a simple universal truth.

And that’s where again, all the practices of chanting, praying, fasting, asana, pranayama and meditation help to transform the energies to pure energy of Sattva and beyond. Then only the pure eternal energy remains and only then can one experience the Superconscious Self.

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