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Nina Ram
Written by Nina Ram

Small and simple acts transform lives. Your 100% tax-deductible donation goes a long way to help the underprivileged populations, especially children.

Living Deeply Foundation has partnered with Lions Club District 321C1 in Northern India, to bring the gift of vision and technology to underprivileged communities.
The Lions Club District 321C1 in Northern India covers hundreds of cities, towns, and villages from Noida (U.P.) to Mussoorie (U.K.) and Noida (U.P.) to Rampur (U.P.).

There are two projects that Living Deeply Foundation is working with the Lions Club District 321C1.

Project – Sharing The Vision

This project helps with cataract operations and eye check-ups. The Lions eye hospital in Ghaziabad alone is conducting more than 10,000 cataract operations every year free of cost. Many more cataract operations eye surgeries are performed in numerous camps throughout the district on an ongoing monthly basis. Each cataract operation costs $30.

Another outreach activity of Sharing the vision project is detecting vision problems in young and underprivileged kids. In these vulnerable students vision problems like Myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness), Astigmatism (blurred vision), Anisometropia (unequal refractive power), Strabismus (eye misalignment) and Anisocoria (unequal pupil size) go undetected due to lack of education and resources. These vision issues can be corrected if detected in time.
Regular eye checkup camps are held in numerous schools in various cities and towns across the district. In this year alone around 8000 students have been screened. The number of students having vision issues turned out to be approximately 12% or 980 students.

Please help us support the Eye Camps for Kids. We need to fund four Spot Vision Screener handheld machines by Welch Allyn for this project. These machines help in a quick but accurate screening of children’s eyes and detect many issues early. Since it is a compact and handheld device, it can be easily used and transported to camps in remote areas as well.
The total project cost is $16,500.
Donate and Help us fund The Spot Vision Screener.

Project – Computers For Underprivileged Schools

In this project Computers and printers are distributed in Underprivileged schools in the district. Every $650 raised help buy a computer and printer for a school lacking resources and teaching impoverished students from slum areas. In many schools, almost 600 to 800 students have only two computers.
As part of the project in the last four months around twenty computers have been donated to the much-needed communities.
Schools like Gurukul Sanskrit Mahavidyalayas and Karti schools teaching kids from slum areas.

Our goal through Living Deeply Foundation is to be able to donate at least twenty computers.
The total project cost is $13,000.
Donate and Help us fund Computers for Underprivileged Schools.

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