An Update on Mantra Chakra Foundation work in 2016

Written by Nina Ram

An Update on Mantra Chakra Foundation work in 2016

We started active volunteer work in February 2016 for our non-profit Mantra Chakra Foundation, with a simple vision ~ to help people bring balance and joy to bodies and mind in everyday life by promoting Yoga, Qi-Gong, Meditation and Kirtan Music programs.

In these ten months, we have made a few small beginnings.

Guided Meditations ~
We have created a podcast series (Ekras Living Meditations) that guides people through 10-30 minutes meditations designed for different times in the everyday schedule, like commuting, mid-morning, for distraction free work and so on.

The meditations have been played more than 15000 times on phone subscriptions (as a podcast), as well as on our Soundcloud page.
We also hold a weekly meditation sitting in Dublin, CA. This one-hour guided meditation sitting is free and open to public. We have many routine sitters now, and we have begun to go deep into a select few techniques.

Meditation Workshops for Distracted Professionals ~

Ekras Gorakh has trained 100 people in three workshops that are three hours long. We plan to hold another before the year closes.

Collaborated with the Livermore Hindu Community Center at the Livermore Shiv-Vishnu Temple, to host the city’s first International Day of Yoga Celebrations in July. This was our first year, and we hope to grow this event over the years. We received very positive support from the city Mayor of Livermore for this.

Library funding ~
Funded a library with new books for girls in Mahila Ashram in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, in the Himalayan foothills of India.

Soundcloud Page
Through Mantra Chakra Foundation Soundcloud account, we have shared our music collection of chants, prayers, bhajans and kirtans across different spiritual traditions. We have loved these over the last twenty years.
We are glad that ~ Every week visitors from 200 countries across 700 cities, enjoy meditations and soulful music from this page.

Yoga and Meditation Class for kids ~
We have designed a simple and short 45 minute class for Yoga Asana and Meditation for kids in schools in the Bay Area.

Vision for 2017, is to start class in 10 schools
We also plan to start Harmonium classes to promote soulful music education in schools. For this project we will hire talented and spiritual musicians and yoga teachers in the Bay Area, to teach the kids authentic practices.

The funds you donate are used to provide yoga, music and meditation education in schools and the community.

Kindle E-books
We published two kindle E-books to share our own spiritual practices to help fund meditation and yoga programs in schools.

Learn To Meditate Anywhere Anytime: Simple and Short Tantra Meditation For Peace

Ancient Hindu Mantras for Short Daily Prayer: Simple Puja for Peace and Protection

Unplug and Go Deep Within: Create Your Own Silent Meditation Retreat At-Home


Thanks for supporting us with your participation and appreciation.

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