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All human desires exist in the seeking of our mind to find freedom

Written by Nina Ram

All human desires exist in the seeking of our mind to find freedom.

But the untrained mind blindly restlessly runs in all directions, not knowing where it can find that freedom.

In this blind running, mind runs after different things, people and places looking madly for freedom. But sadly, it gets more entangled and trapped instead of finding freedom.

The more a person fills the mind with hundreds of things, the more the person becomes weaker psychologically, intellectually and spiritually.

More one throws themselves out, less alive one becomes.

One throws their own pure pranic energy on outside objects. Simple science ~ more objects more pranic energy you will throw out, less remains inside.

Where is that freedom one is desperately looking for?

It is inside. Nothing is needed from outside.

We need to sincerely practice observing our own mind and body ~ Vipassana. We have to become our own real self again ~ Hari Om Tat Sat.

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Nina Ram

Sharing here simple joys of nature and nurture.
MBA I Engineer I Registered Yoga Teacher

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