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(18.61): Bhagavadgita ~ Ishvara, lives in the deep depths of heart !

 Īśvaraḥ sarvabhūtānāṁ 

hṛddeśe’rjuna tiṣṭhati,

bhrāmayan sarvabhūtāni

yantrārūḍhāni māyayā

(18.61): Bhagavadgita

Ishvara, the Supreme Lord of the universe, lives in the deep depths of the heart of All beings.

Everywhere and Beyond His Creation, Lives in our hearts as our ruler, and also our Self.

He is the Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. The All powerful.

He is the deepest consciousness—the Superconscious Soul.

He creates everything, and rotates, as it were, the wanderings of all beings in this universe under the illusion of the force of maya; as if they are mounted on a machine which Lord is operating—yantrārūḍhāni.

Surrender to the Supreme living in our heart, our only deepest desire !

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